The Fall Camping Experience Bucket List

The Fall Camping Experience Bucket List

Who says camping has to stop after Labor Day? Fall camping experiences are some of the best to be had outside. I firmly believe that autumn is the perfect time of year to cozy up around the campfire. Sure, the temps might drop a little bit, but that’s what hoodies, blankets, and bonfires are for.

There are some fun ways to spruce up your camping experience too. If you’re looking for inspiration to hit the road again (as if you ever really need that), check out this Fall camping bucket list.

Camp Near a Pumpkin Patch

One of the most iconic parts of the Fall season are pumpkins. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything more aligned with the season than running up and down rows of Cinderella pumpkins, warty pumpkins, and of course, your classic orange carving pumpkin. 

While you might not be ready to carry a load of pumpkins home, picking a few minis (and maybe a few to carve) to add to your campsite can help change the entire vibe of your trip while leaving you with some fun memories.

Fun campgrounds near pumpkin patches in the Southwest include:

Carve Pumpkins at the Campsite

campsite pumpkin carving

We did this a year ago, and I’m choosing to make it an annual tradition in our family. Campsite carvings help your children of all ages stay engaged while you relax, and help entertain your fellow camping neighbors. What better to light the October nights with than a fun jack-o-lantern at your campsite alongside a bonfire?

Hike Among the Colorful Leaves

fall hiking with kids

Let’s face it — raking leaves isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but taking in the changing colors is! Get out to a new hiking trail to soak up this gorgeous time of year. I’m willing to bet that your perspective will shift when you’re not having to add in any extra raking yourself. 

Watch a Football Game or Spooky Movie Outside

This one might be a little controversial. I know a lot of people who are anti-screen time while camping. I get that on some trips, such as when we’re dispersed camping or in a more rustic area. However, changing up your experiences while traveling can also mean making extra special shifts to the normal camping routine. Case in point: Having a special showing while at the campground.

If you have a TV in your outdoor kitchen, you can watch the football game while sitting under the stars. Or, you can set up a projector and have a special movie night in the open air. 

Look out for campgrounds in your area that are offering this type of experience over Halloween weekend too. 

Decorate Your Campsite for the Season

There’s something a little extra fun about sprucing up your campsite and camper for the holidays. I already mentioned pumpkin carving as a way of adding some Halloween or Fall vibes. You can also keep decorating for the entire Fall season with these creative ideas.

Add a Fall wreath to your camper

fall themed camper

Photo by Happy_RVers 

Bring a jar or aluminum vase, and make your own leaf bouquet

camping in fall leaves

Photo by Adventures_with_Tucknae

Use glow sticks to make spooky decorations for Halloween season. 

halloween camping activity

These spooky eyes from Practically Functional are simply eyeholes cut out of empty toilet paper rolls with a glow stick stuck inside. 

You can also make these bats out of cardboard, twigs and leaves to hang on your camper.

nature bat craft

Photo by Little Pine Learners

What’s on Your Fall Camping Bucket List?

How are you spending this Fall camping?

Come tag me over on Instagram or send me a DM. I love hearing new places to go and ways to experience the outdoors.
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