Canine Camper Box

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If you have a camping dog who loves hitting the great outdoors, this box is for you. 

This box includes:

  • A glow-in-the-dark toy for those dusk puppy sprints before bed
  • An outdoor-themed bandana to protect your puppy's skin from the sun
  • A special balm to soothe rough paws or noses after hikes or running on rougher-than-usual terrain
  • A hands-free poop bag holder to keep you and your campsite a little cleaner
  • A collapsible bowl with carabiner clip for at the campsite, on your hikes, or inside the RV

This box makes the perfect gift for any RV lover who camps with their dog. It's equally giftable for those moments when you welcome a new fur baby into your life. 

Bring on the adventure for your pup and your family — and save in the process with this curated box of high-quality camping dog fun!

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