The Glampfire Box: Be Merry

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The holidays are a time for merriment around the campfire with warmth and cozy vibes surrounding you. If you want to bring a little extra joy to your campsite (even if that campsite is in your backyard for the time being), this box is for you. 

The December Glampfire box emulates the warm vibes of being together with products that will inspire you to curl up and slow down. 

Inside, you'll receive:

  • A Turkish Towel which is perhaps the most versatile item you can have while camping. It serves as a picnic table cover, a shawl for cold winter nights, or a towel to put down on the sand while picnicking on the beach.
  • A mountain corkboard designed to hold up all your holiday cards during December, then all of your campground maps, keys, or coordinates the rest of the year saving you massive amounts of counter space.
  • A nature-inspired, clean lotion to keep your hands softer during the dry winter months.
  • A campfire recipe, which quickly became a family staple on a recent camping trip.

Get one for yourself to keep you warm and comfy during winter camping trips, and put one under the tree for your favorite campers.

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