Adventure Box: Tiny Hikers

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Hike More. Explore More. Experience More.

Ready to hit a new trail? Make it more fun by packing some essentials for your child to explore and document their journey. Inside February's Tiny Hiker box, you'll get:

  • A hiking journal designed specifically for kids to color and write about each new trail they find.
  • Crayons so you can color while on the road, at the campsite, or even on the trail (tree rubbings, anyone?)
  • A monocular, so you can stop and watch the world around you.
  • Sister Bee's chapstick with fun flavors kids will love
  • A keychain that triples as a compass and thermometer
  • Kid-friendly hand sanitizer that straps onto a hiking backpack, complete with an extra refill bottle

PLUS, if this is your first adventure box, you get a FREE surprise gift included!

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