Barebones Enamel Plates

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Believe it or not, you don't have to fill up your limited RV storage space with heavy paper plates in order to have something to eat on at the campsite. Save room, weight, and lackluster flimsy eating experiences with these enamel plates for camping. 

In each package, you get two durable enamel plates that will last you trip after trip. Not only will you save money on these plates by not having to restock ahead of each new adventure, but you'll also save weight and space. 

Enamelware rim is heat-treated to create a bronze-like patina finish. Both the surface and rim can be stripped of their unique coloring by acidic foods, such as lemon, and some harsh detergents and cleansers. We recommend hand-washing to help maintain the original look and feel of the pieces.

To hand wash: Use a gentle, natural cleanser. Soak the products in warm, soapy water to help remove baked-on food. Gently wipe away residue. Towel dry to avoid rusting. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface.

  • Hand-wash only (not recommended for dishwasher)
  • Do not microwave
  • Each product sold as set of 2


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