Kid's Camping Box

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We believe camping should be fun and relaxing for everyone. Keep your kids entertained and exploring close by at the campsite while you sit back and actually relax on vacation!

Inside, you'll get:

  • A treasure bag for your kids to gather all their favorite finds around your campsite
  • A sketchbook for getting bark rubbings, drawing maps, and playing classic games
  • Recycled colored pencils to add vibrancy to your trip
  • ChromoFlame to spark laughter as you change the color on your fires
  • Scratch Off Choose-Your-Own-Adventure cards to instantly provide an answer to a child who’s saying, “I’m bored!”
  • Scavenger hunt to get your child’s mind and body engaged
  • Recipe cards for your campsite’s mud kitchen that’ll give you some extra time to cookout and unwind

 These newly updated boxes ship early April 2022

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