GearAid 325 Paracord for the RV Lifestyle

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There's no shortage of things to hang, thread, or lace when you're RVing. From wet towels from the lake to lanterns that will set the mood, you want to have the option to set up camp your way. 

This 325 Paracord from GearAid offers 50 feet of 3mm cordage that can be used as a guyline for tents, a clothesline for wet gear or a zipper pull for those chilly winter trips. The thinner cordage is still strong enough and durable enough to handle the great outdoors (or the greatest campsite you've ever rolled into). 


  • 50 ft multipurpose cordage for camping, backpacking or hunting
  • 3 mm construction is ideal as a utility line or for impromptu uses (e.g., shoelace)
  • Two inner strands can be pulled apart and used as a fishing line, thread, and floss
  • Includes carabiner for additional options to suspend gear, food and lighting
  • Not for climbing

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