Hiking Journal for Kids

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You know what's fun about hiking? All the memories you make. But so often, time passes and you forget those micromoments that made your heart soar. This interactive hiking journal for kids can help you and your children (or grandchildren) document and remember their time with you on the trail. 

Included in each book is:

All About ME!

  • When I hike, I LOVE to see...
  • My favorite animals I've EVER seen while hiking are...
  • And here are some animals I'd love to see!
  • My favorite hikes I've done are...
  • The things I'm most proud of myself for are...
  • Hikes I would love to do one day...

20 full spread pages to log each hiking trip with fun prompts like:

  • Name, location, distanced hiked, weather
  • Who I hiked with
  • How hard it was 
  • Personal star rating
  • Favorite thing I saw
  • Most awesome thing I did
  • Notes and pictures spot

Additional sketching section for special things they find on their hike!

Four hiking games to play on the trail when the going gets hard (with instructions)

  • Lava
  • Rainbow
  • Find 5
  • Alphabet Game

Four types of nature scavenger hunts

  • BINGO Style
  • 5 Senses
  • DIY ABC Hunt
  • ABC Outdoors Hunt

Four additional notes and picture pages for extra important memories!

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