Road Trip Activity: Fairy Window Stickers + Travel Tote

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Do you have a child that gets car sick often? If so, you'll want to create fun opportunities for them to look out the window instead of down at a book or tablet. 

This fairy-themed window sticker activity set will keep your child's gaze outward while their mind is engaged in fun activities. Inside this travel tote, you'll get:

  • Over 60 reusable clings and double-sided window stickers
  • 3 bright window markers
  • 1 wipe cloth

The stickers are reusable, making it easy for your child to put them on or peel them off during and after the trip. They're double-sided, so they look just as good outside your car as they do inside your car. 

The window markers dry quickly and wipe off easily with a damp cloth. Please note that these markers will stain porous surfaces, so they're best used by kids ages 5+.

Get your child ready for all the fairy houses they'll build at the campsite by starting with this unique travel tote!


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