Fall Nature Activity: Creating Leaf Confetti

Fall Nature Activity: Creating Leaf Confetti

It's Fall, and Fall is notorious for having leaves drop to the ground. Even in Arizona, which is where we are now, there are dry leaves on the ground as plants get ready for the cool winter months.

These leaves are an invitation to play! But there's more to do with the leaves than pile them up, drop yourself down, and make angels on the ground. There are crafts and learning experiences to be had too!

This week, me and my boys grabbed the safety scissors, a container, and our star stamper (the same stamper that comes in the Cruisin' box), then headed outside to pick up some Fall leaves.

Fall nature activity leaf cutting

Once we had the leaves, the boys got to work using their fine motor skills and punched stars in the flat leaves, while crumbling the curved leaves using their scissors. They loved feeling the leaves get cut, watching the shapes unfold, and testing new designs on each new leaf they pulled up.

fall nature activity

We even gathered up some dry pine needles to cut, which led to a great conversation about different textures and plants.

Clean up was easy. All we did when we were done was sprinkle the leaves in the wind and watch them fly away (hence the term "confetti" in the name). 

nature activity with leaves

I'd love to see what your leaves or confetti storm looks like if you try this over the weekend. Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook to let us share in the fun!

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