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Should You Be a Full-Time RVer or Part-Time RVer? Perhaps Neither...

Confession time: I used to want to be them — the swanky full-time RVers I see on Instagram.

I'd watch their reels and dream about a life of true freedom.

I thought if I could live their lifestyle, life would be perfect.

No more chaos to worry about.

No more crazy trips to plan.

No more packing frenzies or worry about traveling too far.

No more planning stop after stop to reach a destination — the stops were always the destination.

And then, I started hearing stories. Full-timers, they're just like us part-timers and weekend warriors, except with different storms to weather.

I thought the RV lifestyle dream was to full-time.

I was so, so wrong.

I wonder how many of us approach camping through the lens of the comparison game?

Do you ever look at someone else's RV lifestyle and think they've done it better than you?

Do you ever look at how someone else travels and think they've accomplished more than you?

Do you ever look at someone else's rig and think, why doesn't mine look that good?

The reality is that there's no set way to live the RV life. 

There's no one way to experience campgrounds, backroads, and Harvest Host quick stops.

With so many ways to experience life in your RV, you can be confident that your mode of travel is the best mode for YOU. 

And if it's not? If you long for more? Baby step your way into it. 

Few full-time RVers that I've talked to plan to live this lifestyle forever. 

Few part-time RVers only ever travel in a small circumference.

There's beauty in living the messy middle RV lifestyle where you get to choose to go for one night or for one month. 

Stay focused on you and your family will continue to stay focused on the memories you're building together. After all, comparison is the thief of joy — especially in the travel world.

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