Your Fall Camping Playlist

Your Fall Camping Playlist

It’s time for a Fall camping playlist. Why? Because just like you’d change your decor, wardrobe, or camping schedule with a new season, you should also change up your music. Whether you’re headed on a road trip to camp among the changing leaves, or you’re going out the door to cooler weather where you can actually enjoy the heat from a bonfire, this playlist is for you. 

Here are 10 songs that will get you feeling cozy, happy, and carefree this Fall season.

  1. Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean

When I think of big green tractors, I think of harvests. And when I think of harvests, I think of pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and spending time with the people I love most as we welcome in the new season. This song brings out those slow-down harvest vibes.

  1. Where the Corn Don’t Grow by Riley Green

Is there anything more Fall-esque than corn? Even though this song’s title is about corn not growing, the lyrics are pretty inspiring for a trip to hit the open road. 

There’s dusty fields no matter where you go

You may change your mind

‘Cause the weeds are high where corn don’t grow

If you’re looking to find some inspiration for being happy right where you are — even when things feel hard in the moment (as they sometimes do when exploring the great outdoors), this song will tug at your heartstrings. It’s all about appreciating what you’ve got and loving your roots. 

  1. Starting Over by Chris Stapelton

This song might be about starting over a relationship, but let’s pretend it can also be about starting over a new season. As Chris sings:

Well the road rolls out like a welcome mat…

… Wherever we are is where I want to be

Get ready, let that road feel like a welcome mat, and hit the road with some of your favorite people. 

  1. Had Me by Halftime by Morgan Wallen

Fall is synonymous with football, so it only makes sense to include a football song on this playlist. This song isn’t just about pigskin getting thrown around. It’s also about playing cornhole, spending time with people we love, and making memories in the beautiful Fall season.

  1. Harvest Moon by Neil Young

This song is such a classic that it deserves to be played at least once each Fall season — especially while you’re sitting outside in the crisp air looking at a harvest moon. It’s just so poetic.

  1. Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest

Speaking of the harvest moon, here’s another classic. Just the days are getting a little shorter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all be dancing in the moonlight and enjoying the crisp breeze of autumn. This song is a classic for anyone who loves unwinding fireside with a full moon above.

  1. Vagabond by Caamp

I could listen to this song every day, but it feels even more prevalent in the Fall season when summer slows down many camping trips. It’s all about the vagabond dreaming about the woods, the river, and the morning sunlight again. 

  1. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheerhan

Okay, the only thing that has to do with Fall on this song is the idea of change. Still, the song is beautiful and is a nice transition into a happy new story as we transition into a happy new season. Indulge me here, will ya? 

  1. Autumn’s Song by Stephen Day

This song is all about reliving memories while taking in the changing season. Sure, there’s heartbreak involved, but you could argue that the heartbreak is around the summer season coming to a close. Still, he ends the song committing to not letting go of those memories, and let’s also choose to believe that that’s because there’s still so much camping to do even in the Fall.

  1. September by Corb Lund

I first heard this song on a mountain in Steamboat Springs for MusicFest. The whole drive home, I couldn’t stop listening to his music. It’s just such a beautiful song about changing seasons — and of course, a little heartbreak too. 

  1. Fear by Ben Rector

Sure, we’re entering spooky season, but this song feels anything but spooky. It’s all about dancing with fear and pursuing more adventure. 

I want to see where you’re listening to these songs this Fall! Tag me in your road trip and camping pictures — bonus points if you tag me while dancing by a campfire!

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